Sunday, 13 May 2012


 I was reading this month's Country Living today and there is an article on women being creative in their shed's.. It caught my eye, as I must say I love a good shed... Reading through made me feel all very excited about my new venture whic is in a SHED!! However, I thought I would like to highlight the fact that I already have these adorable shed's in my life, mostly made by hand by husband Tom, and they are currently scattered around Somerset!!

This is my Shepherd's hut, Tom made me a year ago for my birthday.
This is the famous tin tanning tabernacle shed in my Bath Hair and Beauty salon.. Made of corrugated iron and a recycled door.. It can also be converted for over flow for a waxing room when we get very busy... This is the newest edition!

Sheppy on a summers day xxx

This is the shed toilet in my Frome salon, this wood was bought from an old train station, and was very sooty..It needed lots of cleaning... But now is perfect

My garden shed.... double's up as office space and/or gardening tools

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