Friday, 15 June 2012

Dad's day!!

My Dad is the most practical man I know.... and most of our friends and family sometimes are left with their jaw on the floor from the aftermath of some of his projects, they always seem to be successful though which continues to encourage him more and more... I am my Dad's daughter when it comes to a project...

I often turn up at Adber, near Sherborne where they live, and have a boot full of vintage finds, scrap metal and chocks of wood or his own welded piece of work in my boot when I leave..

He calls me "Daught" and his dream was to marry me off on "The step"..... it's not just any old step but one that Dad and I built in the garden when I was young... I not only got married on it but Tom (knowing the story) asked him for his permission to marry me on it... the hardest part was not only getting Dad onto it, but being force fed with plum muffins, when he was so nervous he really didn't want to eat.. but in our family the more you eat the points you get... so he didn't say no!

So this weekend I am looking forward to spending some time doing BOY STUFF with dad and I just wanted to show you SOME of the thing this may entail...

Chopping a FEW logs (shouldn't take too long!!) and now Tom has been to France and back in the Morris, checking the engine is ok for the next road trip..

Happy Fathers day all you Dads x

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