Sunday, 29 July 2012

There is nothing quite like sleeping under canvas..

Starting our holiday off with a mojito along the Kennet and Avon canal on such a beautiful evening  

It's always so quiet and the smell of wood burners and boater's cooking suppers..

We make it to Wales, to the coast near St David's and first thing we did after putting the tent up was put the fairy light on the antlers. Tom wasn't so keen on me bring them as the car was already full but I managed to find a sneaky space..

We brought almost everything but the kitchen sink as we want  to cook the whole week. The kitchen area is set up in the tent and we make a slow cooked chilli

Camper's chilli

We had enough groceries so we didn't need to leave the campsite.. 

We took a fishing trip the following day to catch some mackerel, I was terrible and didn't catch a thing but Tom caught 3 and we had them for our tea

The commute home after fishing

Stopping off for a G&T  (well pink Gin) xx

Waiting for the sunset

In the morning we brew some Monmouth coffee - smelt so good

And a sausage sandwich and another chapter of my book

This coastal walk was like being in another country, I thought it usually rains in Wales

It was totally stunning

We stopped off for a dive in the sea and the waves were pretty big considering there was no wind

Our mackerel that we caught on the fishing trip, stuffed with chilli, dill, lemon, mint and sea salt, served with a avocado salad


Tom made some potted shrimp and we had it sat on the beach with a squeeze of lemon and crusty bread

We moved onto the Brecon Beacons and set up camp on a sheep farm near a river in a perfect little spot. My god it was hot. We cooked up a jerk chicken, radish salad,buckwheat salads, chargrilled corn on the cob and yogurt and mint dressing...  Sitting around the stove and having a few spritzer's with no internet or phone signal what so ever!!

Rolling up the sides of the bell is a nice bit of shade  (and you can watch the neighbours dog trying to steel food) 

Mum and Dad lent us their Lithium explorer (it's older than me) to cook on as we don't own a gas stove and we moved camp to meet Tristan and Caro for her 30th birthday to Hay-on -Wye and listened to the opening ceremony on the radio of the Olympics 

It was such a beautiful orchard on the Wye river. There was about 45 of us canoeing the following day for  Caro's birthday and this eveing we sat chatting around the bonfire.

While the boy's made us lamb kofta's

Lamb Kofta's on the bbq ..... and then my batteries died.. 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


We've been really busy little bee's recently So not much time for blogging.. Here's the latest "house call" from the new magazine Crumbs, when they visited our home last week. 

Here's our link...

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