Sunday, 28 April 2013

Westcombe cheese and beer festival

Kids train ride's. festival. 

Wood fired oven. Setting up. beautiful day. Cheese. beer.

Wild beer bar

Balsamic pickled onions. wild beer bread.

Westcombe Toastie's

Westcombe cheddar truckle. Award winning. Cows milk. Traditional 


Pulled pork. sage. Ricotta

Westcombe cheddar toastie . Leek. Onion. Brick. Hot plate. Will.  Jack. Sara.

Wood fired oven. Angus. Ricotta. Butternut squash.

Wildly different beer. Fresh. Brew.

Ploughman's cheese board to share
Pulled pork, ricotta and sage brushetta cooked in the wood fired oven

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hen's eggs and finger sandwiches..

Tom made some homemade scotch eggs as we had part 2 of Katie's hen weekend in our kitchen. He put chives, flat leaf parsley and thyme in the sausage meat and they were cooked to perfection, the eggs were so yellow and smelt delicious... They didn't last long! 
Tuna finger sandwiches and ham and cheese.. 

The finest.

We lit the wood oven as it's become a kind of tradition on a Sunday morning now, fire makes the kitchen so cosy and you wouldn't think your sat below the hussle of the city centre of Bath traffic!

Just waiting for the guests to arrive now

Strawberries and clotted cream for desert and pink fizz to celebrate the hen!!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tummy Tuck....

I am now 24 weeks and feeling very well. I love seeing the little kicks and feeling the movements. So special..

This is my best friend at the moment, along with stopping stretch marks (apparently!) it stops the itching... and smells gorgeous, full of minerals that feel very luxurious, morning and night!!

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