Monday, 27 August 2012

A glimpse of our bank holiday

Heading to Bradford on Avon with the essentials on board! Cheddar and Fizz.. 
At my brother's and Claires house, its cold enough to light Dad's home-made chiminea... in AUGUST!! made from  an old calor gas cylinder

Stopping off on route for a G&T.. or FOUR!!
Tom's home-made cheese straws

Only 20 mile round trip... I always seem to have such awesome entrepreneurial thoughts while cycling. I had to get a notepad and jot them all down afterwards at the pub.. 

Bank holiday finale!! Viccie Sandwich...

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Made in Somerset

Table for 50!
Setting the scene with lanterns and pom pom"s. Unfortunalty for Tom we selected every obstacle to shim up and tie the rope around, firstly there was the nettles, secondly there was rose bush, thirdly, two holy tree's!! He was swearing and cussing every step of the ladder..

The perfect setting

The sun is shining

A very proud Mum 

Sophie Constance enjoying yet another raspberry in Nana's handmade liberty print 3 piece..

Tom's homemade basting brush for the spit roast Lamb

Sausage roll cananpe's to start, followd by spit roast lamb, with butternut ,pine kernels & spinach, pea & feta salad, olive foccacia,
Deconstructed Eaton mess, pistachio nut meringues, raspberries and strwberries 

A room with a view x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Home from Home...

There's nothing like driving out of Bath with our car packed up with treats and landing here for a night or two! It was so snug while we were tucked up during the thunder and lightening storm last night.

Starting with a pimm's before a long walk 

And time to read and switch off, this is our rock and roll bed which Tom made. It folds down to become abed at night.

Our god daughter and niece, Sophie Constance. She had her first taste of cider verses beer today (I think she preferred beer!)
Tree hugging xxx
Lamb on our quick build fire pit and salsa xx

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