Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wish list and parteeeeee!

Today I have been recovering from our work party BBQ in our garden at home. Pictures above... It was a huge success! I've been pondering on all the things I'd love to do....soon!

1 - Learn photography
2 - Go to The Wolseley for the afternoon
3 - Cream tea's and camping in Downhouse Farm,Bridport, Dorset
4- Tile the shed roof
5- Knit better than I did at christmas
6- Buy a new camping stove
7 - Talk my husband into getting a dog
8- Visit Rust when were in London next week


  1. pleeeeeeeease visit Rust - you have to make an appointment - let me know if you are going though!

  2. oh I so want to go to that parteeee look's amazing! love it all - flowers, blackboards and rum and ginger beer my fave!


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