Sunday, 22 April 2012

And From Hessian Sacks, Wood & String, He Rose Up & We Named Him.......... Vernon!!

Can you tell what it is yet? 

Making the legs

Using a POP of orange string I stitched the inner seems of the legs, leaving a 5mm hole for the pole to go through 3/4 way up...

Then stitched his belly 

Using clothes pegs to hold the sack's I joined the arms and legs 

With an old broom stick pole and 2 garden bean cane's I threaded up through the body before stuffing

Out of a bit of left over sack, I made a pocket and found an old button. To make the shape of his head and hold it to the pole I stuffed an old milk container on the end and covered with shredded paper and a plactic bag

Meet Vernon.. He will now protect my seeds from the birds!!


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