Saturday, 25 August 2012

Made in Somerset

Table for 50!
Setting the scene with lanterns and pom pom"s. Unfortunalty for Tom we selected every obstacle to shim up and tie the rope around, firstly there was the nettles, secondly there was rose bush, thirdly, two holy tree's!! He was swearing and cussing every step of the ladder..

The perfect setting

The sun is shining

A very proud Mum 

Sophie Constance enjoying yet another raspberry in Nana's handmade liberty print 3 piece..

Tom's homemade basting brush for the spit roast Lamb

Sausage roll cananpe's to start, followd by spit roast lamb, with butternut ,pine kernels & spinach, pea & feta salad, olive foccacia,
Deconstructed Eaton mess, pistachio nut meringues, raspberries and strwberries 

A room with a view x


  1. Beautiful, looks like you had an amazing day :)

  2. Looks so good. And love the Nana-made outfit too. xx


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