Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Croissants and Crumbs!

Thanks to the lovely Rosa Park for this feature for Crumbs on MG hairdressing

Croissants are back!

But where did they go, you ask?
Croissants were on hiatus during the summer months at Melanie Giles Hairdressing, when biscuits supplanted the French pastries as the baked treats on offer for clients. And yes, we are indeed talking about snacking on baked delights at a hair salon rather than at a café. Unconventional perhaps, but we think Melanie is on to something here.
Tucking into a warm croissant slathered in plum jam as you wait for your wash and cut, or before your facial in the upstairs annexe, is sublime. Not only are you anticipating a (well-deserved) pamper session, but you now get to enjoy homemade pastries in a cosy setting. Because let us tell you, Melanie’s place is no ordinary hair salon.
Equipped with an AGA and Rancilio coffee machine, the upstairs kitchen area is complete with a chalkboard listing what’s available, and happily churns out coffees, teas and pastries to customers. Next to it is a spacious lounge where you can unwind in between treatments.
Croissants always return come winter, when the AGA is turned back on. And this year, Melanie Giles Hairdressing has partnered with the Welsh lifestyle brand Toast, to bring you a gourmet plum jam to accompany your buttery, light and flaky croissants. 
The experience is so wonderful – as we tried last Wednesday – that just for the edible delights alone we’d frequent the salon, and couple that with a quick manicure. (We’re desperately hoping for the day that the salon launches its own in-house café!)
Ladies (and gents who enjoy a bit of grooming), as the days grow shorter and the winds colder, huddle indoors and spoil yourself with a treat and a treatment.


  1. Love croissants and your blog!


  2. you have me salivating, someone needs to make lactose-friendly (and vegan) croissants, then I can satisfy this croissant craving !


  3. wow these look too good.

    i started my own blog yesterday and would be incredibly grateful for any advice you could give me.



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