Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My wish list

 I have been thinking about getting a denim sofa for my office at home for a while now...I have 3 tressel tables and my friend Rachel, has been holding a flower school there on the odd occasion, so I may have space for one.. Its got clean chalky white walls and wooden floors so it needs a bit of texture.. It smells lovely with the sandalwood burning...
 This spring I'd like to borrow my dad's morris minor and go on a picnic somewhere in the Cotswolds.. maybe even Wales if we have time to go on long walks..I love the smell of the leather in these old cars and the sound of the exhaust..
 I hardly ever drive my car but have had it for so long now, but if I could just have a Landy for the weekend it would be like this..
Oh and this.....lovely old tin church... I dream of renovating one of these and having a cool space inside with a wood burner and maybe even a shop!!!!

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