Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Scotch egg's...

Sunday's can be so productive if you want them to be... I had an early start today as I was so excited with the whole day off I couldn't wait to get started! I had a good spring clean in the kitchen as we have been doing alot of wood oven cooking and entertaining it's been abit neglected..

Then I had a spring clean in my shoe cupboard, MG Frome are having a jumble sale and high tea to raise money for charity so I am going to donate some of my pre-loved chloe shoes and a Mui Mui pair, Tom helped me bag everything up and then we had some of his home-made cider for lunch and made some Scotch eggs..

We used Tom's sausage's for the sausage-meat, mixed with chopped parsley, thyme, spring onions, paprika, salt and pepper (heavy on the pepper), mustard powder. Then boiled 6 eggs for approx 6 minutes so they are soft boiled. Meanwhile we put some bread in the magimix to make crumb's and then toasted them on a tray in the Aga for a few minute's to dry them out so there is no moisture at all. When all ready and egg's are peeled we wrapped each egg in sausage-meat, dippped it in whisked egg and then rolled in breadcrumbs. Then we deep fried them to perfection. The moment of truth was when we cut them open to see the egg yolk run....Yum!

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