Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bellies up to London!

With only 3 weeks to go until our first baby is due, we packed our sun dresses and shorts and headed to London for a weekend (We also had to take the emergency hospital and car seat...just incase!)

Just about coping in London in the 32c heat we stayed in Soho, at Dean Street Townhouse. 


Afternoon tea.. What more can i say!


Fifteen. Supper. Tapas. Summer.
The Melon. 8.5 months 

First stop in the morning was monmouth coffee shop.  Look at the Que.,!! Well worth it for the best flat white in London

Lunch stop in Shoreditch at Leila's shop, where we bought the most lovely amalfi lemons to bring home, and had lunch next door in her cafe

Leila's. Tasty. Favourite place. Authentic. 

The Kernel beer is based in an arch in Bermondsey, Tom tasted a few of his favourite and we came home with 3 boxes to stock up the cellar. Table beer was a success. You can buy take away from the front or sneak around the back and there are stacks of benches where you can sit in. The atmosphere was awesome. 


  1. You may already know this but just round the corner from Kernel, Monmouth have a small shop selling hot drinks and beans. It's only open on Saturdays but there's never a queue. Or nothing like the Borough queue at least.

  2. Hi Mel
    Love, love, love your blog ! We were sat in our garden yesterday evening with Kev and Claire and we were talking about my blog that I have recently started. They told me about yours ( had to get the laptop out into the garden there and then !)- you have a new follower x Kate

  3. Forgot to say my blogs called


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