Monday, 22 July 2013

The works baby...

Where it's at?! Frome, the coolest cafe in Somerset
Weight. Date. Name. Advice. Colour hair. Sex.
Everybody's prediction was written on the back of these cards, and we were able to take them home and read through them all. Keepsake.

Naty Nappy Cake.. 

Local singer. Summer time.

A good spread. Melly G's. Gathering. Sunday afternoon.
Party. Pregger's.

Shades and babes!

Cycle friendly. Parents. Soon to be Grandparents.

Tom getting tips from the girls.

The perfect start to my maternity leave. I would never have organised anything like this for myself,  with just 2 weeks left Tom and I got to see everyone and spend some time with you all.

Thank you xxx



  1. gorgeous photos! I dedicated a post to Maternity style yesterday on my blog and was just about to recommend it to you but I've just read that you only have two weeks to go so it probably won't be much help to you now :).

    I've only just found your blog and i'm addicted already!

    she goes wear


  2. cute post!! love all the photos!! visit my blog too and let me know if you would like to follow each other :)


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