Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 1 of new salon planning

25 Silver street is soon to be Melanie Giles Bradford on Avon, west Wiltshire
 This old brewery constructed in 1884 is going to be the home to MG  no 3!!
Today we took the first floor walk and put plans into place

First floor + mezzanine 

All the windows have lovely old shutters and look out over the town centre

Measuring up is hungry work, we came prepared with croissants from Bertinet Kitchen in Bath, a good sturdy notebook and a tape measure.. I wish i took some gloves, it was freezing in there, until we work out how to use the heating

One of my favourite floors ever!!

Sara who you usually find threading eyebrows, in Bath and Frome  MG  and very partial to a good rummage in a skip  is in her element with this project xxx


  1. Huge Congratulations Mel, it looks perfect for the latest MG salon. Emma x

  2. The place looks incredible, congratulations! I live in Cardiff at the moment so may be tempted to pop in for a cheeky pamper! Sophie x


  3. Sooooo excited you're coming to B-on-A, can't wait !
    Kate x


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